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500 ml

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Precise Portions & Healthier Cooking: Control oil usage with this dispenser. This 0.5L stainless steel dispenser promotes healthier meals by letting you drizzle the perfect amount of olive oil, avocado oil, or vinegar.
Effortless Pouring & No More Drips: The innovative return ventilation hole prevents messy drips and clogs. Enjoy smooth, controlled pouring every time with the precision spout – no more squeezing the bottle or greasy countertops!
Multipurpose Kitchen Cruet: This isn't just for olive oil! Fill your dispenser with vinegar, salad dressings, soy sauce, or even flavored oils. The wide mouth opening allows for easy mess-free refills, and the tight-fitting lid keeps contents fresh.
Sleek & Stylish Stainless Steel: Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen with the modern design of the dispenser. The durable, rust-proof 500ml stainless steel construction is built to last, ensuring you enjoy its functionality for years to come.
Space-Saving & Easy Storage: The slim design maximizes storage space in your kitchen cabinets. Whether you place it on the countertop or tuck it away, the dispenser keeps your cooking area organized.
Crystal-Clear View for Refills: Keep an eye on your oil levels with the dispenser's transparent body. Easily see when it's time for a refill without opening the lid.
Comfortable Grip & Easy Handling: The ergonomic handle of the dispenser provides a comfortable grip for effortless pouring and handling. Enjoy mess-free dispensing without straining your wrist.

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