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PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA: We take pride in the fact this cloth drying stand is manufactured in India, using only the premium-grade materials that are designed to last a lifetime
INVEST RATHER THAN SPEND: We have specially designed our clothes drying stand also known as cloth hanging stand or rack with stainless steel rods, making it a better choice than stands made with white powder-coated iron rods.
COLLAPSIBLE & MOVABLE CLOTH DRYER STAND: With a 58 feet of drying space, this 3-layered drying rack/cloth dryer features 6 folding wings & 24 sturdy rods, providing ample space for air drying your clothes. The foldable wings are great for saving space, making it perfect for smaller areas. Moreover, the 360-degree castor wheels are easy to move both indoors & outdoors.
YOU WILL ADORE YOUR CLOTHES: This cloth dryer stand has an attractive design & its effortless utility makes it perfect for limited spaces. This cloth stand for drying clothes provides hygienic surface along with 14 hanger holes for hanging multiple garments at once. No need for ropes and nails around the house. Even if it rains, you can quickly move this stand inside from balcony or terrace. you'll love how easy & convenient it is to use for drying your clothes
EXTRA SPACIOUS & LONG-LASTING: Cloth dryer stand/dress stand for clothes with its extra spacious & long-lasting construction. This balcony cloth hanger for drying laundry is made with sturdy stainless-steel rods which are resistant to germs & corrosion, making it suitable for households with pets or children too.
EASY ASSEMBLING: Assembling foldable cloth drying stand has never been easier with easy-to-follow instructions provided with a link to its installation video . Foldable drying rack is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, providing modern & attractive appearance to your home. This cloth dry stand is a versatile & durable solution for drying that can be used for all your laundry needs
WEATHER RESISTANT: This cloth hanger for drying clothes is crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel, our weather-resistant rods are and effectively protect your clothes from any unsightly rust stains.
NOTE : Colours may vary as per availability.

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